• June 15, 2016

Live Performance of Natural History of Hope

by Fiona Whelan & Rialto Youth Project with Brokentalkers
Natural History of Hope

Live Performance of Natural History of Hope

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A live performance from artist Fiona Whelan and Rialto Youth Project (Policing Dialogues) in collaboration with Project Artists Brokentalkers.

Based on hundreds of testimonies of women in the Rialto area of Dublin’s inner city, Natural History of Hope will be performed by an intergenerational cast of local women.

Natural History of Hope is an unflinching exploration of gender and class inequality and the complexity of women’s lives told through real life stories of oppression, resilience, solidarity and hope.

The Natural History of Hope performance took place from the 13th-15th May 2016 in the Project Arts Centre.  With a core cast of 12 local female residents and workers and a wider local cast of 18 women and young people from the area.  It was a great success, and was sold out for the three nights in the project.  We are currently evaluating the process with those involved.  We are also gathering feedback from various audience members from different disciplines.

[Featured Image: Ray Hegarty]