• March 27, 2017

Youth work team Presentation

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Youth work team Presentation

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On Tuesday March 14th Rialto Youth Project was full of energy.  The Youth work team was giving a presentation to the staff of Dolphin and Fatima Homework Club.  The youth work team are a creative bunch so there was no sign of power point for this presentation. The stage was set for the one and only screening of “Tonight with Elaine Sheridan” – this was a talk show like no other.  Elaine was there to ask the team the difficult questions.

The audience was ready and the show kicked off with host Elaine’s opening gambit which was to read the RYP mission statement: “In an age of inequality where working class communities are oppressed the Rialto Youth Project is working towards bringing about social change providing an integrated youth service based on the needs of young people and in particular those most at risk. A noble quest wouldn’t you say?” The tone of the show was set – host Elaine was going to keep these youth workers on their toes.

The youth work team were put to the test as Elaine explored what is youth work? Lisa explained that youth work is complex as it has a lot of different aspects.  Youth work is a voluntary interaction with young people whereby youth workers complete a needs assessment and work with young people around those needs.  Doireann continued to explain how the relationship with young people was key and it was important to develop honest relationships with boundaries so that young people know where they are at.

When it came to critical social education Irene was on hand to explain how much it takes to get a group of young people to a point whereby they can start to critically examine social issues and learn more about the world around them and their own place. Irene outlined the process that her young women’s group have taken over the course of three years and how they are now eager to explore republican and Northern Ireland issues.  It has taken a lot of work to get the group to a point where they are engaging critically and really analyzing politics, equality, belief systems and more.  They will be going on an overnight trip to Derry in April to dig deeper into the lives of people in Northern Ireland.